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    <p>Effective, sustainable learning and knowledge acquired in this way takes place thanks to stimulating children's curiosity with the help of various, interesting and above all modern teaching aids. Skillfully transferred knowledge, stimulates curiosity, stimulates creativity at subsequent stages of development. Teaching aids should depict phenomena in a clear, transparent and understandable way so that even the most difficult phenomena that occur in nature can interest and allow them to go further. Visualization of natural phenomena at the first stages of a child's development is very important, because it is important that the child understands the world around him and knows how to link the relationships that occur in him. It is at an early stage that we show the child a variety of fields, and also then passions, the child's first hobbies as well as hidden talents begin to appear. It is important to correctly present all the phenomena, so that the child also wants to discover the unknown by themselves and look for information on the topic of interest. Educational aids should also enable learning through experience. That is why school kits are becoming very popular, which are addressed both to schools with a wide range of products but also sets for children; enthusiasts of the subject.<br />In the category of geographical school studios you will find a wide range: globes, models of the solar system, compasses, maps or mineral sets, as well as educational multimedia programs supporting the study of geography.<br />We are constantly expanding the store's assortment to be able to comprehensively equip every school workshop. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the store's offer.<br /><br /><br /></p>
  • Biology
    <p>The comprehensively equipped biological laboratory will enable each teacher to introduce the student to the world of life science in an interesting and easy way.<br /><br />The offer of Tesora Marzena Paczyńska is intended for both elementary and high school.<br /><br />The wide range of our products includes anatomical models, natural specimens of animals embedded in plexiglass, multimedia programs, and teaching boards.<br /><br />Our offer will allow you to create interesting sets for experiments. The school microscope together with the preparation kit, microscope slides, coverslips and basic slides will encourage each student to learn about a diverse group of organisms.<br /><br />Microscopic preparations of plant tissues, animal tissues, human tissues changed pathologically, zoology, nature or a drop of life are just one of many in our offer.<br /><br />The wide range of products offered by Tesora allows you to create an offer tailored to the client's budget.<br /><br />The catalog of our products includes microscopes for beginners who are just beginning their adventure with the science of organisms, as well as professional to conduct research in the laboratory. We can safely say that we will equip a preschooler, student and laboratory employee in our store.<br /><br />By offering a 70 x human skin model, a human skeleton on a tripod, an eye or ear model, we try to present the human body in the most attractive and tangible way possible.<br /><br />To meet the client's needs we have prepared ready-made sets, among others: for water, air and soil testing, which will allow to carry out a number of interesting experiments.<br /><br /><br /></p>
  • Maths
    <p>Mathematical educational aids have many scientific functions for a small child. Already at the school stage they have a lot of tasks that are aimed at correctly shaping the child's function. First of all, it is development and stimulation of both brain hemispheres to function. Another very important function of mathematical teaching aids is to learn eye-hand coordination during play and games. The development of concentration of attention is equally important for a small person, focus on actions, then inference and analysis, and as a result the development of mathematical thinking. We also stimulate the creativity of a little scientist with math games. We stimulate and stimulate the curiosity of the child and as a result we encourage you to explore the world and motivate you to the next challenges facing it. Through play, the child learns orientation on the plane and logical thinking very important at later stages of education. Creative games are designed to teach a child to anticipate events and very important reasoning. During play and games, the child learns to play in a group and intellectual rivalry, but also how to lose. In mathematics, it is also important to stimulate geometric intuition, perceptiveness and the development of mathematical thinking.<br />In the mathematical category of the school workshop in our store you will find:<br />mathematical teaching aids, multimedia programs, educational games, mathematical charts and books. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the store's offer!<br /><br /></p>
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