Mathematical educational aids have many scientific functions for a small child. Already at the school stage they have a lot of tasks that are aimed at correctly shaping the child's function. First of all, it is development and stimulation of both brain hemispheres to function. Another very important function of mathematical teaching aids is to learn eye-hand coordination during play and games. The development of concentration of attention is equally important for a small person, focus on actions, then inference and analysis, and as a result the development of mathematical thinking. We also stimulate the creativity of a little scientist with math games. We stimulate and stimulate the curiosity of the child and as a result we encourage you to explore the world and motivate you to the next challenges facing it. Through play, the child learns orientation on the plane and logical thinking very important at later stages of education. Creative games are designed to teach a child to anticipate events and very important reasoning. During play and games, the child learns to play in a group and intellectual rivalry, but also how to lose. In mathematics, it is also important to stimulate geometric intuition, perceptiveness and the development of mathematical thinking.
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