Effective, sustainable learning and knowledge acquired in this way takes place thanks to stimulating children's curiosity with the help of various, interesting and above all modern teaching aids. Skillfully transferred knowledge, stimulates curiosity, stimulates creativity at subsequent stages of development. Teaching aids should depict phenomena in a clear, transparent and understandable way so that even the most difficult phenomena that occur in nature can interest and allow them to go further. Visualization of natural phenomena at the first stages of a child's development is very important, because it is important that the child understands the world around him and knows how to link the relationships that occur in him. It is at an early stage that we show the child a variety of fields, and also then passions, the child's first hobbies as well as hidden talents begin to appear. It is important to correctly present all the phenomena, so that the child also wants to discover the unknown by themselves and look for information on the topic of interest. Educational aids should also enable learning through experience. That is why school kits are becoming very popular, which are addressed both to schools with a wide range of products but also sets for children; enthusiasts of the subject.
In the category of geographical school studios you will find a wide range: globes, models of the solar system, compasses, maps or mineral sets, as well as educational multimedia programs supporting the study of geography.
We are constantly expanding the store's assortment to be able to comprehensively equip every school workshop. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the store's offer.

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